NASCAR Panel: Michigan

Published 5:53 pm Friday, June 17, 2011

Does Pocono deserve two dates? If not, which track would you give it to?

Mark Trest: I view Pocono as a track deserving of a spot on the Sprint Cup schedule, but not two races. Its one of those odd tracks, kinda like the road courses, which do add another element of competition to the series. But, I’d rather see Atlanta or Darlington get their 2nd date back, as the racing is better as is the fan support there. Pocono is a boring race to me.

Ken Mays: If I had to choose a place it would have to be Charlotte in place of the Pocono to have a second race. Pocono just doesn’t the fan base Charlotte has. Plus, Charlotte is the home of NASCAR and it would only make sense that they would have two races there.

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Jason Cannon: One date at Pocono is enough. I’d rather add back Rockingham than give Pocono another race.

The 29/18 raced each other hard early at Pocono. Is this rivalry over?

Mark Trest: This rivalry is just beginning! As long as these two are on the track, watch out. NASCAR may have to employ boxing gloves and post race sparring sessions to get these two to calm down. LOL. Harvick thrives on this stuff.

Ken Mays: I don’t think so. I think that its just them being at a point in a race when the race is really heating up.

Jason Cannon: Might as well be. If they get together NASCAR’s going to fine them cash and probably points too. They can’t afford to lose points at this part of the season.

Jeff Gordon is tied for third on the all-time wins list. What do you see as his legacy?

Mark Trest: I will always remember him as the one who de-throned the late Dale Earnhardt. He has had a remarkable career, and he obviously still has what it takes to win, though he isn’t as chancey as driver as he was in his early career days.

Ken Mays: I believe that the only legacy that he will leave is that he is considered the biggest cry baby in the history of the sport. He has always seemed to fuss any time he doesn’t have his way on the track.

Jason Cannon: Jeff Gordon is the one who took the torch from Dale Earnhardt Sr. As Senior’s wins started to slip, Gordon’s started to soar. I think the rivalry between the 3 and 24 was a big part in cementing Senior’s legacy in NASCAR as an all time great.

Compare TNT’s race coverage to FOX. Which do you like better?

Mark Trest: I didn’t get to see much of the initial TNT race coverage, but my biggest thrill was not having to listen to Darrell Waltrip AKA “Jaws”, run his mouth where I couldn’t hear or watch the race.

Ken Mays: I have always like FOX better than TNT because they seem to have people on there that know the mechanics of a race and the history behind the sport of NASCAR.

Jason Cannon: Securing the services of Larry McReynolds was the best move TNT made because the rest of the booth is a joke.

Who is your pick to win this weekend?

Mark Trest: Carl Edwards is consistently strong week in and week out, even though he had a set back last week, but he traditionally runs strong at Michigan, so the rest of the field better get ready to chase the 99 car this week.

Ken Mays: Denny Hamlin will win this race. It’s time for him to step up and prove himself this year.

Jason Cannon: I like Kasey Kahne here. Brian Vickers has always been a beast in Michigan but I don’t think he’s back up to speed yet. If they can get Kahne’s ride set to Vickers’ set up, he’ll sail away.