Linden bans Fourth fireworks

Published 7:48 pm Tuesday, June 28, 2011

LINDEN — After some deliberation, the city council voted Tuesday to ban the discharge of fireworks. The council had previously voted to ban the sale of fireworks within the city limits. The motion passed unanimously after the recommendation by Scott McClure, police chief and the city’s director of public safety.

“It’s strictly public safety, the safety of the community, the city, people’s homes, people’s lands. It’s just too dry,” McClure said of the reasoning behind his recommendation. “The Gulf Shores area has burned almost 500 acres (of land) this week alone.”

McClure’s recommendation came after it was discovered that the discharge of fireworks is not covered in the statewide no burn order issued earlier this month by the governor’s office.

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“The state puts a burn ban on, that’s their intention,” McClure said. “Fire is a hazard at this point.”

Some of the focus of the discussion between council members Tuesday revolved around the decision by neighboring cities such as Demopolis and Thomasville, which have not issued such a ban on the annual festive staples.

“Demopolis has more concrete and asphalt,” McClure said. “They have less wooded acreage than Linden.”

“Regardless to whatever choice any other municipality makes, the council made a choice for what it felt was right for Linden,” Mayor Mitzi Gates said