America in Bloom judges ‘impressed’ with Demopolis

Published 5:35 pm Tuesday, July 5, 2011

By Loreal Moore

Judges for America in Bloom, Bruce Riggs and Cindi Cope, were very impressed with the community’s hard work during their recent visit.

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They were highly impressed with how the community was involved.Volunteerism was essential.

Although their actual rating has not yet been released, the judges left many compliments and constructive criticisms.

“They were impressed with a lot, but they were really appreciative of the hospitality,” Jenn Tate, director of Demopolis Area Chamber of Commerce said. “They went to all residents and put up tags saying how proud they were.”

Demopolis was one of the first cities the judges came to evaluate.

“They realized that we were experiencing a drought, and they were amazed at how we kept everything alive,” Tate said.

“We hope to improve in establishing more signs, recycling, and reducing the amount of spraying with harsh chemicals.”

Riggs and Cope were also amazed by the city’s celebrated heritage.

“We want give Kirk Brooker, our tour guide for Marengo County Historical Society, a special thanks for his help in giving them the tour of all of our historical landmarks. We couldn’t have did it with out him,” said Tate. “The Chamber of Commerce and the city would like to thank everyone that contributed. This was very enlightening. Our town is a little gem, with terrific people that come together to get the job done.”