DHS open house is next week

Published 7:03 pm Friday, August 19, 2011

The doors will be open, the teachers present and questions answered Monday evening when Demopolis High School holds its annual open house.

“We’ll be having an open house to give the parents an opportunity to meet all their children’s teachers,” Demopolis High School principal Leon Clark said. “We’ll stay approximately 10 minutes in each class.”

Parents will be allowed to move from classroom to classroom and greet their teachers, moving along from first period through seventh in the same order as their children do on a daily basis.

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Clark said parents are encouraged to get a copy of their children’s schedules prior to coming but that copies will be made available if they are needed.

“We strongly encourage all parents to come and seize the opportunity to meet their child’s teachers to be able to establish a line of communication and be able to ensure their child’s success in school,” Clark said.

Parents will also be issued person identification numbers next week to grant them access to their child’s information in STI.

“That will give them access to their child’s grades, attendance and disciplinary information.”