School System seeks feedback on logo

Published 5:49 pm Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Demopolis City Schools will soon have its own logo after a process to brand the system and its website is completed.

“My biggest thing with the logo was recognition,” Demopolis City Schools technology director Jeremiah Dial, who originally suggested the notion of adopting a DCS logo, said. “The school is like a business. You want to be recognized. You want somebody to look at that and know that, ‘Hey, that is Demopolis City Schools.’”

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After presenting the concept to Demopolis City Schools superintendent Dr. Al Griffin, Dial was placed in charge of the initiative. He provided the school system’s primary colors along with information about the community and surrounding region to an outside company charged with designing the logo.

“We’re actually paying another company to basically do a logo for us. I gave them a lot of room for them to work with. It has been a process and we have been trying to get them to understand our city and kind of what it is about,” Dial said.

The company has returned three drafts to Dial, who has posted them on the Demopolis City Schools Facebook page for input

The first is an homage to the city’s vine and olive roots, utilizing a script font for the Demopolis with two leaves and an olive hanging from the back of the letter D.

The second takes on a more traditional block font with diamond depicting the convergence of two rivers.

The final option depicts an open olive representing the D in Demopolis with an olive-colored leaf punctuating the logo.

“I was relatively pleased with the designs. I’m not ecstatic with any of them,” Dial said.

Those involved are attempting to conclude the process prior to finishing the design on Demopolis City Schools’ new website.

“We’re trying to get the logo designed before we roll out our new website,” Dial said. “When somebody sees that, I want them to know that is Demopolis City Schools.”

Those wishing to provide feedback on their logo of choice can do so by contacting Dial. The DCS technology director intends to take all three options to the Demopolis City Schools Board of Education Friday morning.

“We’ll take them before the board and we’ll pick one,” Dial said. “We’ll be able to pick one of them and we’ll be able to change it how we want it.”