City must prioritize in debt crisis

Published 11:53 pm Friday, September 16, 2011

Demopolis faces a challenge in the next 12 month. With a full slate of projects before them, they find themselves with more items on their to-do list than funds available to pull them off. The city has already taken the risk of investing in an intermodal complex whose potential is so high that it’s hard to describe. However, those bills are coming whether the site is occupied or not. Up for consideration now are renovations at the fire station and several paving projects. As councilman Bill Meador pointed out Thursday night, those are likely best put on hold or, at least, re-prioritized. That estimated $2.2 million bond comes at a time when the city is best suited to make sure cash flow allows for emergencies and current debt service. Departments have been asked to operate at or near the minimum and the city should follow suit.

Spending money that is on hand serves as a good check and balance, making sure what is needed is purchased over what is wanted.

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