Garbage exemption available

Published 5:56 pm Friday, October 7, 2011

Some Demopolis residents could be eligible for a garbage exemption and not even know it. The exemption is available to individuals who rely on Social Security as their only source of income.

“SSI can be your only income,” Sam Gross, city clerk, said. “You can’t retirement, pension or alimony. And people in their household cannot have any income.”

The exemption is available to those individuals who meet the criteria and are on city water.

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“They can come here to City Hall or the Water Department,” Gross said of the application process. “We’ll have to get a copy of their social security card. If their SSI check is direct deposited in the bank, there is a form the bank will have to fill out. If they get their check, we need a copy of their wage statement from social security, showing that is the correct amount they receive.”

The application process began Oct. 1 and will remain open through Dec. 31. The exemption must be applied for again each year.

“We don’t normally notify them (if they are deemed eligible),” Gross said. “We just tell them they will notice the difference on their bill in January.”