Never to early to play Santa Claus

Published 6:13 pm Friday, October 7, 2011

It’s seems almost too early to think of Christmas but Jeremy Smith’s Faith story today inspired me.

It’s never too early to do a good thing.

Christmas is full of traditions. For as long as I’ve had a full-time job, one of my annual traditions is taking part of in an Angel Tree initiative.

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Since I’ve lived in Demopolis, I’ve gotten my Angels from BankTrust. I fully plan on getting one from there this year very soon.

Last year, the bank welcomed a record number of Angels to their tree and eventually they were all adopted out.

A slowly recovering economy placed more children in need on the tree, but could have taken potential adoptive homes off the table.

But, in true Demopolis fashion, the city responded.

I look forward to shopping for my Angel every year but I’m pretty horrible at sticking to the recommended budget.

I have two children of my own and I can’t imagine them not having a “big Christmas.” We are fortunate in that regard.

Were I on the other side of the tree, I would be eternally thankful for those who helped adopt one of my Angels to ensure they could have a “big Christmas” when otherwise they may have missed out.

Sure, Christmas is about so many other important things than toys and gifts. But as a child, presents are a big part of the pomp and circumstance.

My thanks to those of you who adopted an Angel last year from BankTrust’s tree.

And my thanks to BankTrust and thanks to Linda Glass who annually push so hard to make Christmas Merry for so many children.

Thus my challenge: In the next several weeks, we will publish a story notifying you all that Angels are ripe to be picked from the tree.

I would like nothing more that to hear that more than half the angles have been harvested before December ever started.

If you start now, you can squirrel away $5 a week until Thanksgiving and provide a great Christmas for a local child.

I’ll hope you’ll join me in line at the tree early this year.

Jason Cannon is publisher of the Demopolis Times.