Beautification work pays dividends

Published 7:10 pm Friday, October 14, 2011

Those of us who live here probably don’t notice anymore.

We drive past it and rarely think anything about it. It’s an afterthought. We expect it.

But, nonetheless, the beautification of Demopolis that Barbara Blevins, Mike Baker and their crews provide is impressive.

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After months of anxious waiting, the City of Demopolis was awarded a Three Bloom Rating during the America in Bloom national awards program Saturday.

Thursday, the city received another award from Auntie Litter, Inc. for their efforts in keeping the city clean. Litter is something that can get the general public up in arms over quickly. However, it’s generally the problem that’s the most difficult to get any help to fixing.

No one likes to pick up somebody else’s garbage.

Blevins, Baker, their staffs and those that help them routinely provide a welcoming atmosphere to residents and visitors alike.

This past June city departments put on a major push to spruce up the town in advance of the arrival of the America in Bloom judges; to put our best foot forward.

A lot of work went into making an already pretty spiffy city even spiffier.

That strategy worked thanks in large part to the daily and weekly duties carried by the city’s departments. There was work to be done, but not a ton.

Most of the “heavy lifting” was done. It was just polishing the polished.

Daily attention to detail has carried city beautification efforts a long way. More detail, more attention to that detail, will keep high standards. It will push already high standards higher.

That means good things as we hope for our city to grow. The first impression many people get is based on what they see.

Litter free streets and meticulous landscapes speak volumes.

I appreciate the work our city employees and volunteers have done in making sure that the city is presentable year round.

Jason Cannon is publisher of the Demopolis Times.