Local law enforcement rolling out Yellow Dot

Published 6:45 pm Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Law enforcement across agencies Marengo County are taking part in the Yellow Dot Program.

The Yellow Dot program is designed to assist residents and emergency first responders in the event of a vehicle accident or other medical emergency involving the participant’s vehicle by providing detailed medical information that can be crucial following an accident.

Program participants will receive a Yellow Dot decal and folder and an information form with the participant’s name, an identifying photo, emergency contact information, personal physician’s information, medical conditions, recent surgeries, allergies and medications being used.

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A Yellow Dot decal on the driver’s side rear window of a vehicle alerts first responders to check the glove compartment for the corresponding Yellow Dot folder.

“That sticker automatically tell those first responders to go to the glove compartment next,” said Demopolis Police Chief Tommie Reese.

Having this information following a crash helps first responders positively identify the person, get in touch with family or emergency contacts and ensures that the person’s current medications and pre-existing medical conditions are considered when treatment is administered for injuries.

“Think about a bad accident,” Reese proposed. “The first thing first responders are going to do is put on gloves. But what if that person is allergic to latex?”

Reese further noted that no vital personal information such as social security number or insurance information is required or needed for enrollment.

While geared toward seniors and residents’ medical conditions, Yellow Dot enrollment is open to all county residents.

The DPD, Linden PD and Marengo County Sheriff’s Office will hold an enrollment day Nov. 1 at 10 a.m. at the Demopolis Civic Center. Those who are unable to attend the event may enroll after Nov. 1 at the Demopolis or Linden Police Department or the Marengo County Sheriff’s Office.