‘Loopers’ stop in Demopolis

Published 5:03 pm Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sunday (Nov. 20) morning we took a short boat ride to the marina in Demopolis only about miles. Several Loopers were already there. Even Jeff and Linda of Jeremiah were here. It was really good to see everyone. As the day went on ever more Loopers came in. We had a small “reunion” of Loopers at our Happy Hour at the Boaters Lounge. The last I counted there were well over 30 enjoying the good time.

We took the courtesy car into town with Jim & Dale & Jeff on Monday. We ate lunch at the Farmhouse and of course made a trip to Walmart. Some of the Loopers headed out early this morning. However, they were forecasting rain and possible storms so we decided to stay at least another day.

It was a rainy Tuesday morning but not really too stormy.

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Now they were forecasting storms for Wednesday. We have also heard that there are no really good anchorage along the way so we may have to go all the way to Bobby’s Fish Camp which is about 100 miles or so. Not looking forward to that.

We had a little get together this evening regarding the anchorage, etc.

We did find that there are a few ñ it just depends how many boats want to use them. There is a real mixture of boats here – some travel fast, some slow, some travel longs days, some don’t. We also heard on the weather channel that severe storms could be a good possibility in the next 24 hours so we were going to wait another day. There is really no reason for us to hurry along.

We were woken up early Wednesday morning to a real downpour. There was a tornado warning for our area but the winds didn’t seem to blow that much. Several of the Loopers left early this morning. The town of Demopolis is only about 3 miles from the marina and suffered some wind damage. Several roofs were blown off along with broken windows. Glad it didn’t do much at the marina! We also hope that our fellow Loopers that left this morning fared well.

After a couple more cells past over our area, the sun came out in the afternoon with a beautiful blue sky.

The weather is supposed to be favorable for the next few days so we plan to hi-tail it out of here early in the morning. We also heard that the Lock just a few miles from the marina is broken – hope they get that fixed by morning!