City issues warning for signs

Published 5:51 pm Friday, January 13, 2012

Campaign season is in full swing, evidenced by the volume of campaign signs staked across town.

However, Public Works Director Mike Baker said those seeking office, and those out campaigning for them, need to be mindful of where they plant their signs on the roadside.

“They can’t be put on the city right of way, or right up next to the road,” Baker said. “If we see them there, we’ll have to pull them up.”

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Baker said signs adjacent to the road pose safety concerns and also make maintenance troublesome.

“If you’re pulling out of a parking lot and there’s a big sign right there at the exit, you can’t see oncoming traffic,” he said, noting the city also has to mow and clean the area and doesn’t have the time to pull them up, trim and put them back.

“Signs should be back even with phone poles or behind them,” Baker added. “Telephone poles are on the back edge of the right of way, so anything that’s even with them or behind them will be fine.”

Beginning next week, the city will begin picking up signs that fall outside the city’s ordinance. Baker said candidates who notice their signs have been removed could call his office at 289-3879 and make arrangements to pick them up.