Council pay talk nipped

Published 7:43 pm Friday, February 3, 2012

Conversation regarding the Demopolis council and mayor’s pay for the coming term was quickly scuttled without much conversation Thursday evening.

Councilman Thomas Moore began the discussion noting that much of the time and expense that goes into serving the districts and city is not offset by the $300 monthly stipend.

“Serving on the council shouldn’t be considered a job or a money maker,” he said, “but it shouldn’t be a losing endeavor.”

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And while the council agreed the effort and personal expense versus the reimbursement sometimes didn’t offset, they said an administrative raise for the next term would be poorly timed.

“I could not be in favor of a raise for the mayor and council knowing that there’s city employees who haven’t gotten a raise in going on four years,” said councilman Jack Cooley, “and they’ve been here a lot longer than I have.”

Bill Meador, who cited the current deficit budget, echoed Cooley’s sentiments as did Mike Grayson, whose annual mayoral salary of $30,000 will carry forward for the next administration.

Councilman Melvin Yelverton expressed an interest in hearing facts and figures in more detail at the next meeting but Moore said he would consider the matter closed at the conclusion of the discussion.

If pay adjustments are to be made, the council must enact them six months prior to the next election, which would be at the end of this month.