County likes Gingrich, Moore

Published 10:57 pm Tuesday, March 13, 2012

While Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum took 35 percent of the vote statewide Tuesday night, Newt Gingrich proved the party’s favorite in Marengo County.

Gingrich tallied 227 votes of the 621 Republican ballots cast within the county Tuesday. With seven under votes in the total, that left Gingrich with 36.97 percent of the support. Rick Santorum followed closely with 206 votes and 33.55 percent of the vote.

Mitt Romney had 161 votes locally for a percentage of 26.22. Six voters were uncommitted while 10 supported Ron Paul, three opted for Rick Perry and one person voted for Michele Bachmann.

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In the Republican race for the 7th Congressional District, Don Chamberlain took 206 votes (64.78 percent) as compared to the 112 (35.22 percent) of Phillip Norris. There were 303 under votes in the race.

Roy Moore carried a staunch majority in the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court race with 239 votes (55.97 percent) as opposed to 99 from Charlie Graddick, 89 for Chuck Malone and 194 under votes.

Tommy Bryan proved the county favorite for Associate Justice of the Supreme Count Place No. 1 with 71.86 percent of the vote (263) as opposed to Debra H. Jones’ 103 votes (28.14 percent).

Marengo GOP voters picked Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh for President of the Public Service Commission with 162 votes (43.2 percent). Chip Brown landed 133 votes (35.47 percent) while Kathy Peterson garnered 80 (21.33 percent).

Countywide, Marengo continued its heavily Democratic tendencies with the majority of the local elections being determined on the Democratic ballot. Of the 7,735 ballots cast in the county Tuesday, 7,114 (91.97 percent) were Democratic ballots.

Those ballots saw 3,614 people (67.86 percent) mark unchallenged incumbent Barack Obama on their ballot while 1,712 (32.14 percent) named themselves uncommitted and 1,788 marked nothing at all.