Mold problem at DHS nearly gone

Published 6:48 pm Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Responsibility for a mold problem at Demopolis High School lies with air conditioning maintenance and drainage according to a report presented to the board of education Monday night.

Last week, representatives of Safety Environmental Laboratories and Consulting, Inc (SELC) conducted a Limited Indoor Environmental (Fungal/Mold) Assessment of Select Areas of Demopolis High School, which was requested due to concerns of fungal contamination at the school.

The results of the testing showed no significant levels of mold spores in the 11 rooms which were tested.

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Mold issues became apparent last fall, prompting several students to don masks in an informal silent protest to the conditions.

Since winter break, ServePro of Demopolis removed affected carpet and cleaned ventilation ductwork along with all signs of visible molds.

Scott Craft, owner of the local ServePro who did the bulk of the cleaning, said mold levels at the school were not high enough to cause health risk to students or faculty.

Superintendent of Education Dr. Al Griffin said measures were already being taken to correct the underlying drainage and ventilation problems.

“We’ll be bringing in some back-fill and sod to try and get the water away from the building,” he said. “And we may have to look at some other things, like gutters and grading.”

Dehumiditstats will also be affixed to the air conditioning units which will ensure relative humidity inside the building remains at or below 60 percent, which inhibits mold growth.