City eyes concession monies

Published 6:51 pm Friday, April 6, 2012

Enjoying the concessions at the ballpark is almost as traditional as the games that are played there.

However, enjoying those ballpark treats could leave a sizable hole in the Demopolis city budget.

The concession stands at the SportsPlex are operated by the city’s Park and Recreation Department, but this year a deal was struck with the park and rec. board that would man the stand with DHS football players, coaches and parents with proceeds going toward the footballteam.

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This year’s budget accounts for the proceeds from concession sales to hit city cofers to the tune of about $55,000.

However, with those duties passed on, those dollars are gone.

“This year’s budget is already tight,” Councilman Thomas Moore said, noting the lack of the cash infusion coming from concession sales would make it tighter.

Mayor Mike Grayson noted that while the city would not receive the proceeds, they would not be on the hook for the expenses either since concession operations and inventory would be the sole responsibility of the football team.

“We won’t have the income, but we won’t have the expense,” he said. “Concessions aren’t a big money maker. It’s more of a service.”

Councilman Mitchell Congress questioned the legality of such an arrangement; allowing a third party to use city property to raise funds and, aside from legalities, Councilman Jack Cooley questioned entering into such an agreement without seeking council input.

The council has called a work session April 17 at 4 p.m. to discuss the matter with Park and Rec. manager Mark Pettus and Board Chairman David Freeman.