School calendar in the wrong hands

Published 5:53 pm Friday, May 11, 2012

Each year there’s at least one piece of legislation that comes through Montgomery that leaves you scratching your head.

The School Calendar Bill is this year’s “Do what?” bill.

Under the bill, which is already law, the authority of setting school calendars has been taken over the state. The same lawmakers who historically have been unable to adequately fund education have decided they should man the switch on when the school year starts and stops.

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The change is designed to add two more weeks to the summer with hopes of driving more tourist dollars to the coast. That will only work if beach-goers use those two weeks to return to the shore versus factoring those two extra weeks into planning their family vacations.

The latter is far more likely to be the reality than the former.

Unless the economy turns around 180 degrees over the next 90 days, most families are only going to take one vacation. Giving families two additional weeks without some extra disposable income isn’t going to entice them to go back.

Lawmakers have a great sales pitch for this bill.

Once all those extra millions of dollars arrive on the coast, they’ll promptly be put back into the Education Budget and preserve teaching jobs for years to come.

We’ll see. Or, more likely, we won’t.