Council stalemates on BOE seat again

Published 2:11 pm Sunday, June 24, 2012

The saga of a yet-to-be-made board of education appointment continued Thursday night as the Demopolis City Council again failed to reach a decision.

With nominees Freddie Armstead Jr. and Conrad Murdock in attendance, the council voted to a 3-3 deadlock on each candidate and extended the appointment process for at least another month.

The appointment is necessary due to the expiration of Bobby Armstead’s second term on the Demopolis City Schools Board of Education. Thursday’s failure to accomplish the task marks the second straight month the Demopolis City Council has pitted Armstead Jr. against Murdock to no avail.

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After the city’s governing body failed to reach a consensus Thursday, Councilman Mitchell Congress motioned for the group to immediately open the nomination process rather waiting to do so at its next meeting in July.

“I’d like for us to do nominations tonight so Mr. Murdock or Mr. Armstead will know whether or not they have been nominated,” Congress said.

Following the suggestion that the floor be opened for nominations, Demopolis Mayor Mike Grayson resubmitted Murdock’s name for consideration while Congress went a decidedly different direction with a bombshell of a suggestion when he nominated Clarence Jackson for the seat.

Jackson, currently the principal of Southside High School in Selma, is the former head of Demopolis Middle School.

“Is that not a conflict of interest, working in another school system,” Councilman Bill Meador asked in response to the nomination.

“He worked in this system for a number of years and could be an asset for our school board,” Congress retorted.

Before the process could reach a vote, Councilman Thomas Moore requested the group change its course.

“Could we possibly just table this appointment until we can develop a consensus,” Moore asked.

After slight deliberations, the council ultimately agreed to again table the process.