LPD acquires program car for patrols

Published 11:46 pm Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Linden City Council voted Tuesday to buy a new car for the Linden Police Department.

LPD currently has one car that is out of service and one that is anticipated to be out of service soon, as it is showing the same signs that the other car did before it stopped working. The 2011 program car, which is a car that is still considered new, but was used by a dealer and usually has around 10,000 miles on it, will be used as a patrol car until a new patrol car can be purchased.

Police Chief Scott McClure also brought to the attention of the council that there are several older, unused shotguns in the police station that he would like to donate to the Thomaston Police Department, as they do not currently have shotguns in their patrol cars. The council voted to surplus the shotguns so that McClure could go ahead and donate them to Thomaston.

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In other business, the council took the following actions:

•The council approved the Industrial Development Board appointment of Betty Jane Gardner.

•The council approved election officers for the upcoming municipal election, set for Aug. 28.