Veterans receive aid

Published 2:50 pm Thursday, August 23, 2012

Charles Stroud visited with Disabled American Veterans National Service Officer Mary Moore on Thursday at the Demopolis Public Library.

The Disabled American Veterans set up a mobile station outside the Demopolis Public Library on Thursday to help local veterans.

The DAV helps veterans file claims and appeals to the VA for assistance in health and other things related to their military service.

“We act as an advocate for the veterans,” said Mary Moore, a National Service Officer for the DAV. “We are here to look out for them and get them the help that they need.”

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Charles Stroud, a local veteran, was at the library to talk to the NSO.

“I believe this program is a life-saver,” he said. “I can almost say that it has saved my life, and it is definitely a life-helping organization.”

The DAV that serves in this area is based out of Montgomery, and they come out to talk to veterans every summer. Moore said there are usually about three different tours during the summer months.

“We like to come see the veterans in these rural areas because, a lot of times, there are many that don’t know about the benefits they can receive,” Moore said.