Linden City Council results

Published 9:19 pm Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The mayoral race in Linden will come down to a run-off to be held on Oct. 9.

Charles Moore will definitely be in the run-off, but the second person involved in the run-off is still up for grabs, and the final results will depend on the provisional ballots, which will be counted and announced on Tuesday, Sept. 4.

Mayor Mitzi Gates and Joe Young are only six votes apart with 21 provisional ballots still to be counted.

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Moore received 336 votes, Gates received 235 and Young received 229.

In the city council races, districts one, two and five ran unopposed, so Dennis Breckenridge, Mike Carlisle and Jan Cannon keep their seats on the council.

In district three, William Bryant defeated John Lankster 112 votes to 92 votes.

In district four, incumbent Neal Jackson defeated Richard Lankster 94 votes to 69 votes.