County approves budget, storm shelter grant

Published 12:08 pm Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Marengo County Commission approved a budget Tuesday for the new fiscal year that includes $10.8 million in expenses and $13.7 million in revenue. The projection would leave a balance of 2.9 million.

In addition to the budget, the commission accepted two FEMA grants announced by Marengo County EMA Director Kevin McKinney that will reimburse 16 families who installed storm shelters.

“FEMA began this grant after the devastation after the April 27 tornadoes,” McKinney said.

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The grants, totaling $50,877 and $39,571, will reimburse applicants after they purchase FEMA-approved-shelters. The application process closed last year.

“The storm shelters purchased have to meet FEMA’s requirements to ensure safety,” he said.

Officials will process the grant paperwork, notify the applicants and start working on getting the shelters.

In addition to the grant, handicap accessibility of polling places in Marengo County was also a topic of discussion.

Cindy Nielson, probate judge, informed the commission that the Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program and the justice department will be checking voting place accessibility all across Alabama.

“They will look for things to make sure the building is in compliance like parking, sidewalk accessibility, mobility in the building, and they will check the restrooms,” she said.

Nielson said they expect to address some of the issues present in the county and anticipates being able to correct them before the November election.

“I feel that we are mostly in compliance, but there are some small things that need to be done,” she said.