Police chief discusses Linden game fight

Published 5:38 pm Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Linden Police Chief Scott McClure spoke briefly during Monday’s council meeting about the fight that broke out Friday during the Linden and Wilcox Central football game.

“I watched the video of the fight for over an hour,” he said, “and the only people I could identify were the coaches from both sidelines trying to break up the fight. There were no fans from the Linden side that got involved, and there was one female on the Wilcox Central side that I saw involved, but there is no identification for her.”

Linden principal Timothy Thurman declined to comment on whether there will be suspensions or fines for the school.

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McClure also commented on the status of police officer Demetrius Marshall, who was shot a few weeks ago while trying to break up a fight at a gas station.

“He is doing well,” he said. “He’s off his crutches and walking fine. He should be back to work on Oct. 15.”

City Administrator Cheryl Hall said that she tested the voting machines to be used in next Tuesday’s run-off election between Mayor Mitzi Gates and Charles Moore.