McDonald’s welcomes big crowd

Published 3:32 pm Friday, October 5, 2012

The new and improved McDonald’s of Demopolis opened to a big crowd Monday evening, Oct. 1.

Before 5 p.m., customers began to line up as the restaurant prepared to reopen. On the first evening, an estimated 600 hundred guests visited the new establishment.

The new McDonald’s was reconfigured on the existing lot to house a bigger lobby and a double-lane drive through.

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“Capacity was an issue with the last building,” said franchisee Bob Orwig. “With the new layout, we can host many more guests inside the lobby as well as through the drive through. Additionally, our expanded menu of McCafe beverages and our large line of sandwich and salad offerings require much more storage than was needed when the original building was constructed.”

Two electronic game stations, two large screen televisions, and an updated décor are features of the new interior, as well as local features in the wall murals.

Although the 30-year old structure was demolished in one day, it took a short 84 days to complete the current building.

“We had hoped to open Monday morning, but a few delays kept us from our target,” Orwig said. “Opening at 5 p.m. was a blessing, as our eighty employees are anxious to get started serving guests.”

Bob Orwig and his wife Michelle are the owner operators of four McDonald’s restaurants in the area. They have owned the Demopolis restaurant since 2006 and reside in Grove Hill.

“Thanks to the Demopolis Police Department, we have had traffic control to ease the burden on Highway 80. The Bryant Whitfield Memorial Hospital Employees have also been gracious during this construction process. They have had to endure maneuvering around heavy equipment for several months, and I hope the new building will make it worthwhile,” Orwig said.