Locals fall victim to phone scam

Published 4:36 pm Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Residents in Marengo County should be aware of a phone scam circulating, which tells people they have won big prizes like a Mercedes, a cruise, or a large sum of cash, according to Marengo County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Jim Smith.

The male caller tells the person they have won and then proceeds to ask for a sum of money, some have reported the caller begins with an initial fee of $350. He then will call back and ask for an additional $1,000, Smith said.

He said the department has had multiple reports of the hoax and some residents have fallen victim the scam.

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“If people do get the call, they are urged to fill out a report on the online database at www.ic3.gov,” Smith said.

The website is used as a way for the FBI to compile a list of those reporting scams of the same or similar nature, so they can work on one big case instead of several small ones.