First Baptist Church holds youth bible study

Published 1:06 pm Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thursday mornings before the school bell rings, some students have already gotten a beneficial lesson for the day.

However, this lesson is beyond math or chemistry, it is a biblical lesson for the youth bible study of First Baptist Church Demopolis lead by youth minister Leslie Spiller.

The bible study begins at 7 a.m. at Jack’s where the students share in breakfast and devotional study.

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The gathering is open to every student in grades 7-12 and Spiller said the average attendance for the gathering is about 10-13 students.

“They were doing the bible study before I got here, and I have been here 14 years,” Spiller said.

He said they have changed restaurant locations a couple of times and now have been at Jack’s for a while.

He described the bible study as more of a devotional study then going in-depth through the books in the bible.

“It’s more devotional,” he said. “I give them a thought for the day and explain the truth in the scripture.”

Spiller has been in ministry for about 20 years or so, he said. He said he enjoys working with the teenagers and doing the bible study.

“It is always important, I think, to hear something from God’s word not just once a week, but every morning,” he said.