Demopolis asks for commission’s help in paving Sunset Road

Published 5:38 pm Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Demopolis mayor Mike Grayson asked the Marengo County Commission for help Tuesday morning in paving Sunset Road.

The council approved paving the road at their last council meeting at a cost of $266,935, which included engineering fees.

The council has earlier allocated $228,520 for the project, so the mayor asked the county for help with the additional $38,685.

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Sunset Road falls in Commissioner Freddie Armstead’s district, and there are about 12 families that live on it.

“I know how bad the road needs it,” Armstead said. “We will take it under consideration.”

In other business, the commission voted to become the new grant host for funds to support the Drug Task Force.

The task force will no longer use the city of Demopolis as a host to flow through the ADECA grant funds.

District Attorney Greg Griggers will begin this year running the task force from his office working with Greene and Sumter counties without ADECA funding.

Next fall, the Task Force will apply through ADECA for funding to further assistance with the Task Force.

In other businesses, the Commission took the following actions:

•Adopted an agreement to allow the state to fund sending out registered voter cards

•Approval for Revenue Commissioner Sharon Barkley to hire an appraiser with the starting salary of $28,000

•Approved use of the RAMP program to assist with transportation and infrastructure improvement needs

The commission will soon discuss further action on the logging ordinance, which was repealed last month.

The ordinance called for loggers to adhere to new requirements as they frequent county roads in addition to other things.

Engineer Ken Atkins will work to coordinate a discussion between the county officials and the loggers to work out an agreement.