Christmas plays to debut Sunday

Published 11:54 am Friday, December 21, 2012

A story seeking to tell the Christmas story through narration and song performed by Christian Chapel youth will unfold this Sunday morning.

“The characters in the story think they know what their roles are, but they don’t. For example, Mary comes out singing ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ but then the narrator explains, no, Mary had a baby,” Shea Stevenson, youth advisor said.

Stevenson has worked with the other youth advisors in the church to help practice with the young performers.

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She said about 25 children will participate in the program Sunday.

The youth have been practicing for a couple weeks to learn their parts and rehearse the songs that make up the Christmas play.

The program will consist of the church’s regular worship service, the play and youth will perform speeches about Christmas.

Some younger children will perform Christmas speeches, including the Twelve Symbols of Christmas.

The Twelve Symbols of Christmas will include young children holding items such as a star, a small Christmas tree and other things and telling their meaning.

The program will take place Sunday, Dec. 22 at 10:30 a.m. and Christian Chapel is located at 500 West Decatur Street.