Demopolis Municipal Airport receives improvements

Published 2:10 pm Thursday, January 3, 2013

The runway at Demopolis Municipal Airport has recently been resurfaced.

The runway at Demopolis Municipal Airport received a facelift and has been resurfaced.

The project has been completed and is awaiting final inspection, which should be conducted in the next couple of weeks.

Airport manager Jason Pendergrass said there were no problems with the project and expects no problems during the inspection.

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“Everything was pretty straightforward with the resurfacing,” Pendergrass said,

“and I don’t anticipate anything to come up during the inspection.”

The improvements to the runway were made to keep the good condition of the runway.

Pendergrass said the next project will be to improve the taxiway.

“Hopefully our next project will be to resurface the taxiway,” he said. “It has cracks in it now that grass grows up through in the summer that we have to keep herbicides on. It also has to be widened to meet regulations.”

The taxiway is currently 25 feet wide and it will be widened to 35 feet to meet regulations.

Demopolis also applied for a $1.3 million grant in November that, if awarded, would help make additional improvements like removing trees and installing security fences and gates as well as widening the taxiway.