Church Aflame to hold New Year’s question panel

Published 5:41 pm Friday, January 4, 2013

After a fiscal cliff deal, constant changes in life and a turn of the calendar, questions are likely looming in the minds of many about what 2013 has in store.

Those questions can be brought before a panel of pastors and elders this Sunday during Church Aflame’s New Year’s question and answer session.

The event will ensure anonymity and grant attendees of the service a chance to text message a question or write a question to be answered during the service.

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“I think it may give people a chance to ask questions about the days ahead of us,” Pastor Mickey Green of Church Aflame said.

He said the event may also include some thoughts on the church’s responsibility in the days ahead.

It was about a year ago when the church last held the panel. Pastor Green said he visited conferences for pastors in the past and got the idea to do something similar at Church Aflame.

“It grants people who are too shy to ask questions out loud a chance to get their questions answered,” he said.

Though many pastors are accessible throughout the week, the panel will grant people a chance to get questions answered they may not had the chance to ask.

Green said he thinks it is good to start the new year off with a service like this to help people get focused for the new year.

Another goal of the event is to help alleviate some of the fears about what’s coming with the economy and all the uncertainty about life, Green said.

“It will help us remember God’s promise of how he will take care of his people,” he said.

He said they may do the panel again this year if the event goes well, but it will mainly be a New Year’s event.

Topics to be discussed include family, future and other issues.

“My hope is that the result of this is that people’s faith is more firmly fixed in Jesus and walk away with a sense of security in God that he will be God and realize that even in times when it appears there is no way, God will surely make a way,” he said.

The panel of pastors and elders will take place Sunday, Jan. 6 at 10:30 a.m. at Church Aflame located on Highway 80 behind Sonic.