DHS drawdown postponed

Published 7:35 pm Friday, March 22, 2013

The Demopolis High School football team’s drawdown has been postponed until Thursday, April 25.

It was scheduled for Saturday, March 23, but due to the threat of inclement weather and low ticket sales, head coach Tom Causey decided to push it back a month.

The drawdown is an event in which they try to sell 300 tickets for $100 each. During the drawdown, numbers will be drawn, and the first, 100th and 200th numbers drawn will each win $500. The 50th, 150th and 250th will each win $250. The 300th number drawn wins the jackpot of $8,000.

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If they sell all 300 tickets, the profits for the team will be around $16,000, which will pay for travel expenses and meals for the team during the season.

Tickets are available from any football coach or player, and they are also available at the front office of the high school.