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Water department to offer online bill payment

Demopolis Water Works and Sewer Board is now accepting payments online.

Customers of the water department will now be able to pay online through an e-check or credit card at http://www.demopolisal.gov/utilities.html.

Manager David Zapparo said the new system will be good for the department and for customers.

“People will be able to pay with a credit card, where they couldn��t before,” he said. “It will make it easier for us and for some of our customers.”

There will be a service fee associated with the new online system to those who utilize it. For e-checks, there will be a $1 service fee, and for credit cards, the fee will be $2.45.

To make the payments online, customers will use their account number on the website, and on this month’s bill, there is a unique password that customers will enter. After entering the password, customers will be prompted on how to continue.