Linden City Council votes to refuse fire truck bids

Published 5:40 pm Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Linden City Council met Wednesday afternoon and refused bids the city had received for fire trucks.

Linden Police Chief Scott McClure said the bids they had received were too high, and they wanted to resubmit the information to try for lower bids.

McClure also said that his department is one car short, and that he is looking to add an SUV to his fleet.

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“We are looking at getting a dog for the department, and we will need an SUV to be able to transport the dog,” he said.

He added that he had found a Dodge Durango that the department could use for $10,000, but the council wanted to get more information about the vehicle before approving the purchase.

City secretary Bruce Ward said a new business will open soon in Linden. The business, a flower shop, is called Tee’s Creation, and is located on the corner across from the Marengo County Courthouse.

The council also voted to put a no trucks sign on Mobile Street.