State should look at pickup truck passenger law

Published 6:16 pm Friday, July 19, 2013

The recent tragic accident in Guntersville involving a pickup truck that killed four teens and injured five others has brought to the forefront a discussion about whether it should be legal in Alabama to ride in the back of a truck.

Right now, Alabama is one of 19 states that does not have a law banning passengers from riding in the back of trucks.

There is a fine line in this discussion because it really comes down to people making their own decisions, but if a law was put into place, would it make an impact?

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People need to be able to make their own decisions, but at the same time, they also need to be responsible for the safety of themselves and others.

With the number of cars on the roads today, and the multitude of possible distractions like cell phones and other devices, a law banning passengers from the bed of pickups might not be a bad thing.

Like anything else, it could be an inconvenience to some, but if a law could save a few lives, the inconvenience would be worth it.