DCS test scores improve over five-year span

Published 7:25 pm Monday, August 19, 2013

The Demopolis City Schools got the test results back from the 2012-13 school year, and scores are trending up in science, reading and math over the last five years, which was outlined during Monday’s board of education meeting.

In order to be considered proficient or better, students must score either a level three or level four. Half points were given for students who scored below a level three.

In fifth-grade science, 82 percent of students scored a three or four, and the partial credit brought the proficiency to 91 percent. 79 percent of students scored a three or four in 2009.

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In seventh-grade science, 68 percent of students were proficient, and after the partial credit, that number was brought up to 84 percent.

In reading, third through fifth-grade students were 91 percent proficient, which is up from 89 percent in 2009. Sixth through eighth-grade students were 93.83 percent proficient, which was also up from 89 percent in 2009.

In math, third through fifth-grade students were 91.67 percent proficient, up from 82.2 percent in 2009. Sixth through eighth-graders were 91.33 percent proficient, up from 80 percent in 2009.

Eleventh grade reading was at 88.42 percent, up from 87.5 percent in 2009, and eleventh grade math was 98.02 percent, up from 93.15 percent in 2009.

The state also tested nine students from the system in the Alabama Alternate Assessment, and they scored 100 percent proficient in both reading and math. Last year, the AAA proficiency was 75 percent.

“I am very proud of our students and our teachers,” Superintendent Dr. Al Griffin said. “This is a testament to their hard work and dedication to this system.”

During the meeting, the board approved a modification to the school policy on emergency drills. The modification was made to comply with state legislation that was passed last year.

The board also granted permission for the U.S. Jones Elementary fourth and fifth-grade students to travel overnight to the Alabama 4-H Center in Columbiana for their annual trip to the 4-H Environmental Camp on Sept. 23-25.

There were also a few personnel recommendations from the superintendent that were passed by the board. Those are as follows:

•Accept resignation of special education teacher Kimberly Thompson

•Employ Hannah Stephens as Westside Elementary special education teacher

•Employ Charles Jones Jr., as precision machining teacher

•Employ Mary Leila Schaeffer as Demopolis High School Spanish teacher.

In other business, the board took the following action:

•Approve payroll and expenditures for the month of July 2013

•Contract with Colony Office Products for school copiers

•Grant conditional enrollment to a student for a reentry application for discipline

The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 16 at 5:15 p.m.