Canebrake children ready to take stage in Pinocchio

Published 12:19 pm Friday, December 6, 2013

Eddie Coats (left) plays Pinocchio and Matt Dollar (right) plays Geppetto in the Canebrake Players' children's production of Pinocchio.

Eddie Coats (left) plays Pinocchio and Matt Dollar (right) plays Geppetto in the Canebrake Players’ children’s production of Pinocchio.

The Canebrake Players have been hard at work this fall to make the perfect puppet, and play, for this year’s children’s production of Pinocchio.

Based off of Carlo Collodi’s 1883 novel “The Adventures of Pinocchio,” the play will feature 29 children between the ages of 10 and 17. The play will open Saturday, Dec. 7 at 2 p.m. at the Old School on Main Avenue in Demopolis.

Even though the Canebrake Players have been working on the play since late September, they have only had one rehearsal in which all 29 children have been there at the same time.

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“They are involved in so many different things, and we wanted them to be able to do other things and not just our play,” director Jennifer Roeman said. “We had to establish that they can do other things as long as they learn their lines at home and give full effort when they’re here.”

Shown is the cast of Pinocchio.

Shown is the cast of Pinocchio.

Roeman said getting the children there for a full practice has been the most challenging part of the production, but they are ready for the show to open regardless.

“I’ve asked them to really focus during this last week before the show opens so we are ready for Saturday, and they have really come together and become a nice group,” she said. “They’ve been working together on their lines and placement, and they’re ready to go.”

The group performed in front of an audience for the first time Thursday, Dec. 5, and they had a successful night.

“They got some laughs and good reactions from the audience, and that really energized them,” Roeman said. “We encourage laughter and for audiences to participate in the show.”

Taylor Cooper plays the Blue Fairy.

Taylor Cooper plays the Blue Fairy.

Other than the show on Saturday, they will also perform on Sunday, Dec. 8 at 2 p.m., on Friday and Saturday, Dec. 13-14 at 7 p.m., and Sunday, Dec. 15 at 2 p.m.

Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for students under 18.

The cast list is as follows:

•Pinocchio – Eddie Coats

•Geppetto – Matt Dollar

•Angelina – Mary White

•Vittore – Brian Tripp

•Giovanni – Russ Dial

•Serafina – Ashley Bozeman

•Bernadina – Emma Lewis

•Portia – Madelyn McPherson

•Master Cherry – Christopher Hoven

•Gina – Ella Quarles

•Sofia – Zoie Sewell

•Francesca – Abby Hathcock

•Guido – Luke Lindsay

•Maria – Madelyn Williams

•Santino – Jim Lindsay

•Blue Fairy – Taylor Cooper

•Cricket – Allison Polk

•Fox – Parker Hallmark

•Cat – Mary Kate McPherson

•Barker – Russ Dial

•Candlewick – Carter Stroud

•Luigi – Ann Taylor Wood

•Lorenzo – Catherine Akins

•Fire Eater – Tristan Mullen

•Harlequin – Brian Tripp

•Columbine – Josie Holman

•Pietra – Miley Lee

•Pietro – Jim Lindsay

•Ramona – Abby Hathcock

•Julietta – Tori Horne

•Pantalona – Emma Lewis

•Mirandolina – Zinaya Sewell

•Coachman – Katelyn Beshears