Hospital board votes down task force recommendation

Published 9:04 pm Monday, March 3, 2014

The Tombigbee Healthcare Authority board voted down a task force’s recommendation to fund labor and delivery with a one-cent sales tax increase.

In a press release, Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital CEO Mike Marshall said the board believes any tax decision should be left up to the mayor and city council.

“The THA board voted not to recommend to the city council the labor and delivery task force recommendation of requesting a 1-cent sales tax increase for labor and delivery. The board leaves the decision of taxes to the mayor, city council and local constituents,” said Marshall. “The THA board willingly accepts any unencumbered funds for purposes of the Tombigbee Healthcare Authority and it’s overall mission.”

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A task force formed to save labor and delivery proposed opening an independent women’s pavilion that would be funded by a 1-cent sales tax increase. The pavilion would have been a joint venture between the hospital, doctors and the city but operate as a separate entity.