Public Works reminds citizens of trash pickup guidelines

Published 10:26 am Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Demopolis Public Works Department wants to remind citizens during spring cleanup season that they are only able to pick up certain trash on the side of the roads.

Public Works Superintendent Mike Baker said the city doesn’t have a landfill, so they’re limited to what they can pick up.

“A lot of things people are putting on the street are things we have no way of disposing of here in town,” he said. “In order to keep the city looking good, we have to pick things up, but it is at the expense of the city.”

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Public Works can pick up trees or parts of trees that are not more than four inches in diameter and less than 10 feet long if they are piled behind the curb and with all tops placed in the same direction. They do request that nothing is placed under power lines.

Also, any leaves, grass clippings or shrub clippings should be bagged and placed behind the curb.

“We can’t pick up loose grass with our forks,” Baker said. “If someone is hired to cut your grass and trim limbs and things like that, they are supposed to dispose of it and not leave it there for us.”

Public Works is also not able to remove any building debris such as lumber, plaster, roofing, concrete or sheetrock from the construction, repair or demolishing of any building. The construction company or the owner is responsible for the removal of such debris.

Large household appliances and furniture are usually picked up by Advanced Disposal on their second pickup of the week, but Public Works cannot pick up such items.

“We don’t have anywhere to take it,” Baker said. “A lot of times they can pick it up and take it to Linden if people place the items next to their trash cans.”

Baker said if anyone has questions or problems to call Public Works at (334) 289-3879.