Holifield Clinic moving to new location

Published 12:03 pm Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Holifield Clinic, which has been located at 1100 South Cedar Avenue for more than 40 years, will be moving to a new location.

They will be moving to Dr. John McLennan’s old building next to F&F Drugs on Highway 80, across the street from the hospital.

“We are regretfully moving out of our iconic building that has been our home for more than 40 years,” said office manager Barbara Hodge. “We’re very sorry for the move. It was a hard decision to make.”

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Hodge said an increase in rent meant it was time for the clinic to make a change.

“The building is owned by Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital, and they are raising the cost of the lease, so we needed to make a change,” she said. “They cut the Labor and Delivery Unit, which cut $150,000 from our overhead, so we had to find somewhere cheaper to operate.”

Hodge added that the only thing that would change is the location. The name and phone number will not change.

“We will always be called Holifield Clinic,” she said. “We’re a family. Stan Reeves gave us a good deal for Dr. McLennan’s old building, and we will make it our new home.”

Their last day in the current building is Wednesday, April 16. Hodge said they’re hoping to be moved and back open by the end of next week.

“We’re moving a lot more than physical things out of this office,” she said. “There are a lot of memories that we’re having to move as well. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon in our new home.”