UWA accepting Teacher Connect applications from Demopolis teachers through May 5

Published 3:23 pm Monday, April 21, 2014

The University of West Alabama offers a unique opportunity for teachers in the Demopolis City Schools system who would like to further their education by pursuing a master’s or education specialist degree.

Through the UWA Teacher Connect program designed for Demopolis, teachers can receive financial assistance for online studies.

Demopolis City School teachers who would like to take advantage of the Teacher Connect scholarship for UWA’s online teacher education program should contact Lisa Compton at UWA for a scholarship application at Lcompton@uwa.edu or 205-652-5445.

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There is also still time for teachers who would like to start class this summer, and those teachers should submit the application to Demopolis High principal Tony Speegle by May 5.

For Demopolis teachers, participation in the program, which leads to advanced degrees in education, can qualify for a discount of $200 per credit hour on their tuition. They can choose from UWA’s 38 master’s and education specialist degrees. With accelerated online terms, teachers can earn their advanced degrees in two years.

For educators, advanced degrees can lead to salary increases. An added benefit is that teachers can work to increase the amount or retirement income they will receive. The benefits of the UWA Teacher Connect program extends beyond the teachers, though.

Students also see the benefit of their teachers’ participation and completion of degree programs made available through UWA Teacher Connect. Their teachers are exposed to the latest technology and trends in education, thus providing them with an educational experience that better prepares them for college.

In fact, school systems are improved exponentially when faculty hold higher level degrees. Participation in programs such as this allows the school system to recruit new faculty based on this benefit, and the overall atmosphere of learning and teaching is enhanced. Through UWA Connect, systems like Demopolis can increase faculty retention by providing this kind of opportunity not available in other systems.

For more information on UWA Teacher Connect and its benefits for the Demopolis area, contact UWA Online Recruiting Director Lisa Compton at 205-652-5445 or lcompton@uwa.edu or Online Admissions Counselor Byron Thetford at 205-652-3876 or bthetford@uwa.edu.