Commission awards Linden IDB with $20k for projects

Published 4:06 pm Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Marengo County Commission awarded the Linden Industrial Development Board $20,000 as a match for grants for two projects.

The commission agreed to give the Linden IDB $10,000 for the industrial park access road that is in the process of being paved, as well as $10,000 for a water line extension project in the Linden Industrial Park. The money will be awarded through the Economic Development Authority. The money comes from a tag fee that is earmarked for economic development, so it could not be used for other departments.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Probate Judge Laurie Hall addressed the commission about a letter from the Demopolis City Board of Education. The letter requested that the county change the voting location at Westside Elementary School to another location.

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The letter cited concern for the safety of the students at the school.

“As you are aware, we now live in a time where you have to ensure that our school grounds and buildings are secure at all times,” the letter states. “On election days, Westside Elementary School is open to the public. Our gates and doors are open, which lends an opportunity for an intruder to enter our school building.”

The commission tasked Hall with looking into alternatives within that district, as well as speaking with the Demopolis BOE to try to address their concerns.

Hall also addressed the commission about an act that was recently passed at the state level that allows counties to opt in or out of changing tag renewals to every two years instead of annually.

The commission voted to opt out based on Hall’s recommendation because she said the way the act is worded would cost citizens and the county more money.

“The details aren’t worked out yet, and it looks like it will cost the citizens more, as well as the county, right now,” she said.

In other business, the council approved the grand jury report for the Nov. 17-18 session.

The grand jury considered criminal charges against various defendants and returned 27 true bills, 26 of which were felonies. There were 85 cases continued and two no bills were returned.

The commission also approved the 2015 holiday schedule for county employees. The county will keep the same holiday schedule as the state, except they voted to move the holiday for Jefferson Davis’ birthday to the Friday following Thanksgiving. The commission also granted county employees Christmas Eve off of work for next year.

In other business, the commission acknowledged a letter received in November that the 17th Judicial Drug Task Force received a $127,235.91 ADECA grant.

The commission also decided to continue participation in the Alabama Severe Weather Preparedness Tax Holiday, which will be held Feb. 20-22, 2015.