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Published 4:22 pm Monday, August 17, 2015

For the first time ever, citizens in Marengo County will have the option to renew their tags and pay property tax in locations other than the County Courthouse, along with being able to pay from a mobile app.
For years, customers have expressed a desire for a more convenient way to transact their Courthouse business. Marengo County Probate Judge Laurie Shoultz Hall and Revenue Commissioner Sharon B. Barkley listened to the complaints of their customers and decided to take action. The goal was to find a way for customers to transact business without having to drive out of their way or waste time waiting in long lines. What they found not only met, but exceeded the goal. A modern technology that allows customers to renew their tags and pay property taxes from a kiosk, as well as from a mobile app that you download to your phone. You may also visit a website and renew tags and pay property tax from the convenience of your computer.
Revenue Commissioner Sharon B. Barkley, Probate Judge Laurie Shoultz Hall and the Marengo County Commission are excited to offer these conveniences to their citizens. This is an innovative technology that both Barkley and Hall are proud to have available in Marengo County. Both have been working hard to make the services their offices provide more convenient, modern and user friendly, while still maintaining all of the methods of service that were previously offered for those who prefer to do things the way they always have.
Kiosks will be set up in the north and south ends of the county to provide more convenience for those who have difficulty traveling to the courthouse because of work, lack of time, means of transportation or any other reason. The kiosks allow a quick renewal for tags, eliminating waiting in long lines at the end of the month. Drivers will simply need to bring their license, proof of insurance and a debit/credit card to complete tag renewals at a kiosk. For tax payments, you can search by name or use the account number on the tax bill along with a debit/credit card. The kiosks will be located in Demopolis and Sweet Water, inside Sweet Water State Bank.
If customers seek something available at their fingertips, they will be able to renew their tags and pay property taxes online or by downloading an app to their phone. The process is very simple and there is a help number available if needed. Customers may also sign up for email, text and phone call reminders for future notices.
Both Barkley and Hall are working diligently to improve services, in addition to making them more convenient and accessible.
“We are continuing to add features to our GIS site, which offers convenience for our citizens. Our appraisal department is adding photos and sketches of all buildings as they work throughout the county, and the scanning of all property record cards continue. I’m excited to share, the Probate Office has undertaken a huge task of scanning deeds. Deeds from 2008 to present are already available and the Probate office is daily adding deeds preceding that date. If these are the last referenced deeds to a parcel, they will be viewable with the parcel data, on the GIS site. There is a link to the site from, the county’s website,” Barkley said.
Starting in January, Barkley’s office began mailing all tax notices on a statement type form in an enclosed envelope. In the past, taxpayers might not have received their notices because the postcard would get lost in the mail. Also, some expressed concern over privacy issues with their tax information on an open card. The new notice will offer privacy and detailed information for all parcels on an account with the added convenience of a return envelope.
“We have been working hard to improve our offices to make things more convenient to the people of Marengo County,” Hall said.
In the Probate Office, some of these conveniences include accepting credit card payments in the tag office and offering online tag renewal. Deeds are being scanned so that they may be accessed online at Deeds from 2008 to present are currently available and more online deeds are added daily. Also, you may renew your boat registration and your driver’s license online. ( There will soon be a link to these services from the County website which is
“I want the citizens of Marengo County to know that I am listening to them and doing my best to remedy any complaints that I can,” Hall said. “I continuously hear how people do not want to have to drive to Linden or stand in line to renew their tags. I am very excited to offer a solution to that problem. I want to make the services we offer as convenient as possible for all of the citizens of Marengo County.”
Barkley and Hall will host a demonstration of the kiosks for the public at the following locations:
• Sweet Water Fire Department on August 18 at 6 p.m.
• Demopolis Rooster Hall (City Hall) on August 20 following the city council meeting that begins at 5:15 p.m.
• Linden Marengo County Courthouse on Sept. 3 at 5:15 p.m.
In addition, Barkley and Hall will be present at the kiosk locations to demonstrate or assist with use on the date of the ribbon cutting ceremony that will be announced soon.

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