Federal Jury awards Nall, Rejects arson charges by Nationwide

Published 11:24 am Thursday, September 10, 2015

A United States Federal District Court jury awarded Nall’s Newton Tire and John Nall $510,000 against Nationwide Insurance Company for the value of the property and contents formerly known at Nall’s Newton Tire located on U.S. Highway 80 West in Demopolis.
A jury determined that the fire at Nall’s Newton Tire was accidental and not arson. The jury found that John Nall had wrongfully been accused of arson and determined Nationwide had wrongfully refused to pay him.
Nall’s Newton Tire and John Nall were represented by K. Scott Stapp and L. Hunter Compton, Jr. of the law firm of Manley, Traeger, Perry & Stapp in Demopolis, Alabama. Mr. Stapp said that “it was clear Nationwide made numerous errors in its investigation and their wrongful determination of arson.” Stapp further stated, “It was obvious from the evidence that John Nall did not intentionally set the blaze which destroyed his livelihood and business.”
Hunter Compton stated that “I appreciated the truthful testimony of local law enforcement and witnesses which made it clear that the theory put forth by Nationwide was simply wrong and this was not an arson fire.” Compton further stated that “John Nall is proud to have this horrible chapter in his life behind him and wanted to thank his customers and friends for their continued support.”

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