Naheola Credit Union announces expansion

Published 8:42 am Thursday, September 21, 2017

Naheola Credit Union announced on Friday, Sept. 8, that the Demopolis branch will undergo an expansion.

“We are extremely proud of the progress that we have made in the Demopolis Market,” said Mark Johnson, CEO of Naheola Credit Union. “The additions of human resources have been needed in order to continue our goals to serve our membership in the most efficient and simple manner as possible.  The expansion of our building will allow this goal to be better achieved once completed.  Although the expansion will prove to be a bit untidy in the short run, we feel our members will have a place to visit that is much more spacious and better organized to for their needs.

The branch kicked off the announcement of the expansion with “toolboxes” containing tool-shaped cookies and nail-shaped pretzels for children visiting the branch, as well as, snacks for members in the lobby including “nuts and bolts” (snack mix) and “wet paint” (chocolate dipped Rice Krispy treats).

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“We are excited to announce our expansion of our existing Demopolis branch and look forward to consistently delivering innovated products with high-quality service. The expansion reflects our growing commitment to our community to answer the financial needs of our members,” said Charles Singleton, city president for the Demopolis branch.

Leading up to the big announcement, a contest was held on social media with trivia about Naheola Credit Union and the history of credit unions.  The winner of the competition was Sheila Bonner.

Follow the credit union’s social media and look for #what’snewatnaheola to learn more about the progress, as well as, view pictures.

(This article originally published in the Saturday, Sept. 16, print edition of the Demopolis Times.)