Marengo Commission will rebid jail paint project

Published 9:42 am Wednesday, November 22, 2017

On Nov. 14, the Marengo County Commission held a meeting at the Marengo County Courthouse in Linden in which they discussed a proposal for the county jail repainting.

C.J. Boykin submitted a bid to scrape off paint flakes, replace latex peel around the trim to be covered, kill mildew, chalk all cracked areas, prime and paint trim with satin paint, prime and paint poles with oil-based paint and clean all work areas for $24,500. His was the only bid that the commission received.

Commissioner Freddie Armstead was concerned that the bid was offered with no bond. Commissioner Jason Windham made a motion to pass the bid pending the addition of a bid bond. The motion was passed by the commission.

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Following an executive session, Windham made a motion to rescind his motion to accept Boykin’s proposal due to the lack of bid bond or proof of insurance. They will rebid at the December meeting.

Other items discussed at the meeting are as follows:

• The CDBG project invoice related to a water service project in Thomaston was approved.

• The CDBG project bid was approved, allowing the project to continue moving forward.

• Medicaid for County Inmates Participation Agreement was approved pending review by the county attorney.

• Medicaid for County Inmates Resolution was approved.

• Medicaid for County Inmates HIPAA Business Associate Agreement was approved.

Medicaid for Inmates amends Alabama’s current Medicaid law to suspend Medicaid eligibility of those in custody of county jails instead of terminating it. Eligibility would also be temporarily reinstated if the individual receives impatient care in a medical institution for longer than a day. Medicaid for Inmates also requires the county to reimburse the Medicaid Agency for individuals receiving impatient care and develop a process for distributing information to the Medicaid Agency.

• The probate office reported that Mrytlewood’s town hall is repaired but will not be the polling place for voting in the special election on Dec. 12.

• Armstead encouraged voters in the Demopolis City area to vote ‘yes’ on the school tax amendment on the special election ballot.

• An executive session was called by Armstead on the basis of representation of character.

Mike Coffey also gave a program overview from Advanced Correctional Healthcare to the commission during the Public Comments from Citizens portion of the meeting which preceded the regular session. He explained the benefits and costs that Marengo County would accrue should they join the program, which would cost the county $81,210.04 annually. No decision was made by the commission regarding the program.

The next meeting is scheduled for Dec. 12.

(This article originally published in the Saturday, Nov. 18, print edition of the Demopolis Times.)