GUEST COLUMN: Three mill tax enables DCSS to go above, beyond

Published 1:45 pm Wednesday, November 29, 2017

When trying to determine what makes the Demopolis City School System so great, several factors come to mind. We have some of the best students in Alabama, our teachers take pride in being the best, our parents encourage rigorous instruction and high expectations, but as equally important our community places education as a priority in Demopolis.  One example of this priority is the 3 mill property tax that is levied in Demopolis and collected

Demopolis Superintendent Kyle Kallhoff

specifically for public education.  This property tax, which is renewed every 10 years, enables the Demopolis City School System to go above and beyond the status quo with providing an education and services to our students. 

On Dec. 12, the citizens of Demopolis will be asked to go to the polls and vote yes to renew this property tax for education.  In 2007, this ad valorem tax, which generates approximately $225,000.00 per year, was renewed in Demopolis with an 87 percent for vote. In the last ten years this revenue source has been used to contribute to the following services: Special Education Paraprofessionals, Career Technical Education Teachers, Extra-curricular Teachers (Art, Band, Choir, and Broadcasting), Smart Boards at Demopolis Middle and High, Interactive Touchscreen Panel Televisions at Westside and U.S. Jones, School Resource Officers, and Professional Development for Advance Placement Teachers.

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By providing these services and resources, the Demopolis City School System has established itself as the best school system in Alabama’s Black Belt Region. However, being the best in the Black Belt has become the status quo for our community. Your School Board and system/school administrators refuse to settle for the status quo and have a vision of being one of the top ten school systems in the state. The renewal of this 3 mill property tax is paramount in order for our vision to become a reality.  On Dec. 12, we ask you to vote for this proposed taxation.

If you have any questions about this property tax renewal you are encouraged to call 289-1670 and ask to speak with the Chief School Financial Officer or the Superintendent of Education.