DCSS 3 mil tax up for renewal Tuesday

Published 3:34 pm Monday, December 11, 2017

Thirty-year old tax last renewed in 2007 by 87 percent vote

Demopolis’ 3 mill property tax that is collected for the Demopolis City School System is up for renewal on the ballot for the Dec. 12 special senate election.

Demopolis Superintendent Kyle Kallhoff said that the tax is renewed every 10 years and was renewed in 2007 with an 87 percent vote. He also said that it generates approximately $225,000 per year for Demopolis’ public education system.

“This additional tax money is what separates Demopolis from other systems in the state,” Kallhoff said.

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Kallhoff said that the 3 mill tax went into effect “at least 30 years ago” and that, since this vote is for a tax renewal, property owners will not be paying anything extra if the renewal is passed.

Evelyn James, who is the chief school financial officer, said that the tax is equal to .003 cents for every $10,000 of assessed value, which is 10 percent of a residential property’s appraised value.

Kallhoff believes that Demopolis students receive benefits from the additional money that they would not otherwise receive.

“It allows our students to have access to different things that other school systems don’t have,” he said. “Our students have options because of this money, and it provides services that students deserve.”

Revenue from the tax has been used to support personnel for special education and career tech, school nurses, extra-curricular teachers and classroom technology such as interactive touchscreen panel televisions and smart boards, which are interactive white boards.

Teachers also benefit from the tax, with some of the revenue going towards “professional development and state-of-the-art technology,” according to Kallhoff.

The tax also allows the schools to have a larger staff, which means more electives for students to take, an easier time making schedules and teachers are able to focus on teaching in one area of study.

Kallhoff also said the better funded a school system is the more likely a business or family could relocate to the area.

Kallhoff encourages everyone to vote on Dec. 12.

“I’m always overwhelmed with the support this community provides to its schools and I’m anxious and exited to see that support on Tuesday,” Kallhoff said.

For more information on the tax renewal, call 334-289-1670 and ask to speak with the Chief School Financial Officer Evelyn James or the Superintendent of Education Kyle Kallhoff.