Demopolis Public Safety seeking police, firefighters

Published 10:36 am Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Director of Demopolis Public Safety Tommie Reese is searching for candidates to fill police officer and firefighter positions. There are approximately four full-time police officer and six full-time firefighter positions open.

“We’re short-staffed in both departments,” Reese said.

Candidates must be 21 years old to be a police officer and 18 years old to be a firefighter.

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Reese said that candidates must have a high school diploma, meet the physical requirements and pass a background check, a polygraph test, a psyche evaluation, as well as either the police academy or fire college.

Physical requirements for the police officer positions are five physical agility tests: pushing, climbing, window entry, balance and weight drag. Applicants must also demonstrate their physical fitness through timed push-ups, timed sit-ups and a 1.5 mile run.

Duties of Demopolis police officers include detecting and preventing crime, apprehending criminals, processing and transporting prisoners, collecting and preserving evidence at crime scenes, presenting testimonies in court and enforcing laws and ordinances. At times, this positon involves personal danger.

Physical requirements for the firefighter positions are a stair climb test with two 12.5 pound weights on the applicant’s shoulders, a hose drag test, an equipment carry test, a ladder raise and extension test, a forcible entry test, a search test, a rescue test and a ceiling breach and pull test.

Duties of Demopolis firefighters include responding to emergency calls, extinguishing fires of all types, maintaining all station vehicles, giving fire safety presentations to the public, ensuring emergency scenes are left in a safe and proper manner and performing salvaging operations. Duties also include locating, rescuing, transporting and treating victims of all types of emergencies.

“I want a person who has a heart to serve the public,” Reese said.

Anyone interested in the positions may apply at the Demopolis Police Department, Demopolis City Hall, Demopolis Career Center or

(This article originally appeared in the Saturday, December 9 print edition of the Demopolis Times.)