Linden resident complains of pool hall noise

Published 2:32 pm Monday, January 15, 2018

On Jan. 2, the Linden City Council held a meeting during which a resident voice concern over excessive noise from a local business.

Resident Keith Jordan told the council that the noise coming from C&J Pool Hall often rattles the windows of his house and that “it’s disturbing me and my family.” Jordan said that every time he has called the police about the excessive music it is turned down, but he doesn’t want to have to keep calling the cops.

C&J Pool Hall owner Joe Hudson said he has received no other complaints from residents in the area and that he has investigated the noise himself and did not find it to be disturbing.

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District Four Council Member Neal Jackson said he has received several complaints about the noise from the pool hall.

The council prohibited Hudson from using DJs at the pool hall.

Other items discussed by the council are:

• The alarm at the high school that was repeatedly going off has been fixed.

• The council received reports of citations and arrests.

• The mayor discussed the high number of car accidents and car accident-related fatalities compared to the population of the town. The mayor believes the town has a problem with residents not respecting stop signs.

• The wheelchair accessibility project for the restrooms at Scott Park is near completion.

• The owner of the gas station that was allegedly not reporting sales was served his business license suspension. His lawyer filed for a motion to reconsider which will take effect on the second meeting of the month. The council passed a motion to reconsider on the 16th.

• A second vote was taken on the new business license tax, which would require companies that provide electricity directly to Linden residents and those in Linden’s police jurisdiction to pay a “privilege tax” as the vote at the last meeting was not unanimous due to a council member’s absence. The motion was passed unanimously.

The Linden City Council meets at 4:30 p.m. on the first and third Tuesday of each month at Linden City Hall. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 20. The council meetings are open to the public.

(This article originally appeared in the Saturday, January 6 issue of the Demopolis Times.)