BWWMH installs new sign with tie-in to UAB

Published 11:26 am Friday, January 19, 2018

Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital is installing new signage that highlights its partnership with UAB Health Systems.

On Tuesday, the largest of the signs was erected at the front of the hospital, which includes “Member of UAB Health System.” Still to come are directional signs across the hospital campus and other identification signs.

Hospital personnel with a new sign erected Tuesday that highlights BWWMH’s affiliation with UAB Health Systems. Pictured are, from left, Arthur Evans, administrator; Annie Williams, CNA; Amanda Mayton, LPN; Katrina Brown, LPN; Roger Watkins, adult psych technician; Donna Pope, CNA; and Dereck Morrison, asst. administrator.

“This sign is the first step,” said BWWMH Administrator Arthur Evans. “This sign is in a perfect spot and really stands out … it really pops with the lights on it at night. Of course, we are very proud that it points out we are now  a member of UAB Health Systems.”

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The Tombigbee Healthcare Authority and UAB Health Systems entered into an agreement in October 2017 that provides management assistance for BWWMH. The agreement is for a two-year term.

Through the agreement, UAB will be involved in various aspects of the hospital such as position recruitment, supply chain management, group purchasing, revenue cycle management and marketing. They will also be analyzing specific healthcare needs for this area.

As a result of the partnership, two UAB representatives have been named to the Tombigbee Healthcare Authority Board of Directors — Sean Tinney and Don Lilly.

Since the agreement was put in place, Evans said things have been moving in a very positive direction.

“We put a 90-day work plan in place that began on Oct. 1 and everything is going very well,” he said. “There are a lot of different things we have been addressing during this time.”

As for the remaining signage on the hospital campus, Evans said the City of Demopolis would be assisting in that process.

“We appreciate the city’s assistance with this project. They have a lot of experience in that area and do a great job,” Evans said.

(This article originally appeared in the Saturday, January 13 issue of the Demopolis Times.)